Peanuts Earrings

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  • Each Earring is UNIQUE, no two alike!
  • Genuine Portuguese Traditional Clay
  • Designed and Handmade by me, Solange
  • Great for working from home, in front of Zoom, speaking with workmates
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Peanuts Earrings

Peanuts! Handmade Portuguese Ceramic Earrings in unique colours painted by hand. E-103

These unique, exquisite suspended Peanuts earrings are done fully by my own hands. Each one is unique and different! I am using authentic Portuguese ceramic clay and my passion for practical beauty.
This is part of my collection that I call “work from home jewelry”. These days when work is done via video conference, it is important to deliver a good, lively, and stylish impression.
This delivers a luxurious and sophisticated image yet tasteful and neat.

ATTENTION: The models from 1 to 9 are more subtle colors and the pattern of the peanut is very visible. The modelçs from 10 to 16 are Bright strong colors and heavier gloss that hide the peanut’s pattern.

* Each Peanut is unique! When you buy a pair, there will be differences between the two. This is how unique they are!
* These earrings will never lose their shine
* The colors will not fade for centuries
* The Portuguese clay is hard and practical

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My clients’ pleasure drives me to create, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any message.


Model 1. Blue Sea Foam, Model 2. Blue Celeste, Model 3. Red by Night, Model 4. Old Honey, Model 5. Pine Green, Model 6. Desert, Model 7. Light Green, Model 8. Dark Red, Model 9. Bluish purple, Model 10. Bright Yellow with Dripping Green, Model 11. Calm Green, Model 12. Bright Red, Model 13. Bright Orange, Model 14. Bright Yellow, Model 15. Cocoa, Model 16. Dark Green