Customer Care

Caring well for our customers is our first priority.
We are aware that all our efforts  in creating the best possible jewelry is fruitless unless our customers are happy.
This is why we take the best care of our customers.
Below you can fins all the ways to contact us. Please don’t be shy – ask!



Our email:

If you prefer you can use the form below to send us a message too



The one we use is Telegram, and the phone number to reach us is: +351 934144870

Online Chat

There are times when one of the co-founder is online ready to chat with you and answer all your questions.

When you see a prompt for a chat in the lower right side of the screen. that means the chat is live and you can just click and write your question.

Contact Form

If it is more convenient please use this form.

Contact form

Hello, please use the form below in order to get in touch with our team.


Product Care


All our ceramic items are glazed with the best Portuguese glaze quality. Portuguese glaze, as proven by ceramic tiles (azulejos) that still look perfect today, sometimes after centuries.

The glazing is a glass substance that covers the ceramic. It can be brilliant or mat, but it is resistant to water and its colors do not fade.


Use a clean paper or cloth and pass it without a lot of force. If needed you can use a bit of water or very suave light soup.

Taking Care

Do not drop the ceramic on any hard material, and take care not to bang it against hard objects.